IPv6 Joint Experiment Report in 2001


Network    WASEDA-NET


MAY 2001   IPv6 Connectivity Services for 50th IETF debriefing session

JUN 2001   WASEDA University IPv6 IGP changes from RIPng to OSPF6

SEP 2001   IPv6 Connectivity Services for 51th IETF debriefing session

NOV 2001   Planning IPv6 Multihome

DEC 2001   Peering Negotiation with WIDE & IMnet


IPv6 Connectivity Services for IETF debriefing session

In 50th IETF debriefing session at WASEDA University, we offered IPv4/IPv6 Connectivity Services with IEEE802.11b Wireless LAN. 

50th IETF Connectivity IPv4 : IPv6 = 16 : 2

51th IETF Connectivity IPv4 : IPv6 = 30 : 6

52th IETF Connectivity IPv4 : IPv6 = 20 : 7

Network Topology


Our Border Router is connected pc8.otemachi.wide.ad.jp using IPv6 over IPv4.  RIPng daemon of our Border Router redistributes default route to WASEDA University OSPF6 Network. The other POPs redistribute static & RIPng routes to OSPF6 Network and redistributes default route to leaf sites.  

Address Allocation

In 2001, we allocated IPv6 address ( 2001:200:125:xx/56) of 10 organizations. So we have 13 organizations in WASEDA University. 

Planning IPv6 Multihome

We have learned IPv6 routing two years and we wanted to try IPv6 Multihoming. But WASEDA University didn't have ASN, so we tried to get ASN. We negotiated WIDE Project and IMnet in December, and we could get ASN in January 2002. 

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