IMASY NLA1 Report 2001

Network Name

IMASY (Internet Mutual Aid Society, YOKOHAMA)


IPv4 serve start at 1995/4
One of Internet Mutual Aid Societies
800 IPv4 people
IPv6 connected to 6bone-jp at 1998/2
NLA1 of WIDE pTLA (3ffe:505::/32)
Connectivity service (IMASY<->home) start at 1998/6
15 IPv6 people = 1.9%
CVSup mirror start at 1998/7
but still IPv4 only ;-)
PAO+KAME CVS Repository Tree service start at 1998/8
easy to track current source from laptop
support CVSup based updating
Obtain NLA1 of WIDE sTLA at 2000/1
DTCP (Dynamic Tunnel Configuration Protocol) service start at 2000/6
tunnel type `tunnelroute' has been added
include CATV, FLET's ISDN, ADSL and dialup
Updated from FreeBSD 3.5-RELEASE + KAME to FreeBSD 4.2-RELEASE at 2000/11
We are mainly using FreeBSD 4.4-RELEASE, now

Nwtwork topology

topology map


Address assignment

We have been allocated NLA2 mainly individual sites.
3ffe:505:N::/48 from 3ffe:505::/32
75 sites (include 9 sites returned)
2001:200:3nn::/48 from 2001:200:300::/40
3 sites


RIPng packet from IMASY to our lower sites have disappeared via tunnel.
We suspect when our IPv4 upper link is too busy, it occurs.
This problem is not solved, yet.
Workaround is using static routing or BGP4+ instead of RIPng.


IMASY-6bone Web page
IPv6 address request and comment

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